Regulatory Compliance

Build Machine Learning and Deep Learning models that satisfy the global regulatory compliance requirements.

Seclea Platform simplifies satisfying the regulatory compliances requirements associated with machine learning and deep learning applications. Through Seclea, you will be ensuring your organisation gains the benefits of AI with confidence and assurance.

Select & Tailor
Select either pre-configured regulatory compliance requirements, tailor them or build your own set of requirements.
Real-time Monitoring
Monitor and track progress on your AI applications regulatory compliance. Track requirement ownership, actions and compliance assessment in real-time.
Compliance Reporting

Dashboards and reports for internal or external stakeholders. Use pre-built dashboards and reports, tailor them or build your own.

Select & Tailor

Seclea Platform is building a  collection of a pre-built set of requirements for different regulations, including the EU Artificial Intelligence Act. You can select multiple regulatory requirement sets for your machine learning or deep learning application.

Seclea also allows for tailoring regulatory requirements or designing a new set to meet your unique needs. You can specify checks from Seclea’s library for each requirement, and the requirement will then be tracked automatically. Reducing time and cost in achieving regulatory compliance for your AI applications.

Real-time Monitoring

AI compliance is a continuous process rather than a static fixed-in-time process. Monitoring machine learning and deep learning applications at all stages of their lifecycle are critical for managing the potential risks and regulatory compliance.

Seclea Platform provides real-time monitoring of machine learning and deep learning algorithms at every lifecycle stage. Tracking both the human (data scientists, machine learning engineers, AI project leads, auditors, etc.) and machine (data and algorithm) activities gives your company the most comprehensive picture of your AI applications.

Compliance Reporting

Seclea Platform enables organisations to use existing dashboards and reports or build their own, tailored to the needs of their respective internal and external stakeholders.

Seclea Platform ensures that all human (data scientists, machine learning engineers, project managers, developers, etc.) and machine (data, model design, training) is carefully collated in the dashboards and reports. Any issues in an AI compliance at any stage of its lifecycle can be trackback to the root causes – ensuring regulatory compliant behaviour by humans and AI applications.

Why Seclea Regulatory Compliance?

Seclea regulatory compliance for AI applications provides an easy-to-integrate, flexible, extensible and automated solution.

Whether you want to achieve regulatory compliance for one or more regulations and standards, you can track them all through the Seclea Platform. In addition, Seclea Platform collects all the necessary information about your AI applications. So, any time in future, if you want to evaluate and ensure that your AI application complies with additional regulations or standards, you can easily do it with a few clicks.

How Does Seclea Works?

Seclea Platform easily integrates with your existing AI development pipelines or deploy applications. We support a wide range of machine learning and deep learning algorithms, so you focus on having the best solution for your business challenge. And leave the AI compliance with selected regulations and standards to Seclea.

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