Building Trust in Artificial Intelligence

Seclea ensures AI applications are fair, accountable and in compliance with relevant regulations through its Explainable, Responsible and Accountable AI platform.

Building trust in AI through Explainable and Responsible AI

Seclea reduces organisational risk associated with AI

Seclea de-risks the adoption of advanced AI algorithms.

Advanced Machine Learning algorithms are plagued with number of challenges including fairness, transparency, accountability, auditability, and trackability. Seclea’s platform enables you to overcome these challenges through its state-of-the-art tools. It seamlessly integrates with your existing Machine Learning pipelines – either in the cloud or on-premises. Ensure stakeholder confidence in your AI application and unlock the benefits for your organisation.


How it Works

Explainable and Responsible AI Architecture
Explainable and Responsible AI Framework
Preparing data for Responsible AI framework
Seclea Prepare
Identify, track and fix issues in data sets, from bias detection to privacy preservation.
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Provenance of an AI development
Seclea Provenance
Track all activities from data set transformations, model training runs to model deployment.
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Explainable AI
Seclea Explain
Explain model and its decisions with context and rationale understandable to all stakeholders.
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Compliance with AI regulations
Seclea Compliance
Generate compliance reporting for internal audits and regulatory requirements.
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Post-market Compliance monitoring
Seclea Monitor
Monitor post-deployment AI applications for quality control and to stem out any potentials errors.
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Seclea Benefits


Seclea enables organisations to implement the Responsible AI governance framework. Seclea’s Platform ensures that all actions taken by any entity during the design, development and deployment of an AI application is tracked, documented and validated to be inline with both ethical and legal requirements.

Responsible AI, keeping track of development and deployment.


Seclea monitors and records every step taken during the development and deployment of an AI application. Enabling organisations to have full transparency regarding how they handle data, develop models and deploy AI applications.

Risk Management of AI Projects


Seclea facilitates organisations to explain both an AI application’s behaviour and its decisions – with both context and tailoring to each stakeholder’s needs. Empowering organisations to adopt advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms with confidence.

Explainable AI


Develop and deploy AI algorithms with confidence. The Seclea platform provides the necessary tools to generate compliance assessments and reports to gain the approval of both internal auditors and regulatory authorities.

Regulatory Compliance for AI Systems


Organisations can monitor their AI applications’ behaviour post-deployment. Allowing the organisations to understand their application behaviour in the real-world context, analysing the performance to identify issues in real time, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Keep an eye on AI application that have been deployed.


Seclea platform provides an intuitive and deep analysis toolkit enabling you to identify the root cause of an issue – enabling organisations to fix the issues with their AI applications. The toolkit provides a full audit trail with evidence of what and how things went wrong, while getting you straight to the problem.

AI Quality Control System

Getting Started

You can use the Seclea’s platform through our on-cloud services or deployed on your premises. A guided tour of the platform and its capabilities will be provided. We are here to make sure that Seclea’s platform can help your organisation solve its AI challenges.

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Building a Regulatory Compliant AI System